3 Unexpected Benefits of Using Personal Training Software

Posted by Roy on Jul 26, 2018 9:31:00 AM


Most people purchase personal training software for the obvious benefits of saving time, program design and client scheduling. These are the biggest reasons why people are attracted to personal training software. But on top of the obvious benefits of software mentioned above, there are also plenty of unexpected benefits that most people don't see coming.

In this article, I will be going over three important benefits that you won't see coming until you are already reaping the rewards. So whether you are an experienced personal trainer or if you are just starting as a personal trainer, these three will make your life a lot easier.


Client retention will increase

Most people don't really think about client retention all that much. They only think about selling and being able to get more clients. From working as a personal trainer for 10 years I have to tell you that client retention is one of the most important factors towards becoming a successful personal trainer.

For one, if you are retaining clients, you will not need to sell your services to more clients because you will already have a full schedule.

Secondly, you don't want to be known as the personal trainer that loses clients easily. These are indications that you are not doing a good job and that your clients are unhappy with their results.

Retaining clients is much easier when using personal training software. This is due to multiple different reasons. Communication is much easier using personal training software.

Booking clients is much easier with personal training software and makes it much easier to keep track of your clients. With the ability of your clients to easily see their current and old workouts, they are much more likely to perform the workouts and stay motivated.

On the topic of motivation, they will also stay much more motivated being able to track their progress and measurements using personal training software. All of these factors lead to an extremely high retention rate compared to not using PT software.


You will be able to up-sell other services

If you already have personal training clients set up on personal training software it is much easier to up-sell other services.

For example, the PTminder software includes an online nutrition planner that has thousands of ingredients so that your clients can track their diet and calories. It is extremely easy to up-sell this nutrition service to already existing clients.

Once you have sold them on your nutrition service, everything can be accessed within the personal training software.

This is a fantastic way to make extra money on top of your personal training services and is an additional benefit that you will quickly be rewarded for.

On top of this, your clients will be able to see better results due to the fact that they are on a diet that you can monitor.


Communication will be much easier

When I first switched over to personal training software I never really thought that communicating with my clients would be one of the benefits.

But after working with software for the last few years I have realized that I cannot imagine communicating the way that I used to. The way I used to communicate was through e-mail or normal text messaging.

The problem with e-mail is that I have so much junk e-mail it is difficult to sort through everything in order to find my clients. It is also harder to reference the workouts or progress tracking while writing the e-mails.

This is the same problem I have through text messaging. And to be honest I like to keep my personal text messages to just my family without mixing in business.

Having all of your clients in one space and being able to see all of their information, progress and workout programs makes it much easier for any personal trainer. Just the thought of trying to talk to my clients over e-mail produces nightmares for me.



Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the three unexpected benefits of using personal training software!

Obviously, the biggest benefits are how much time and headaches you will save by being able to schedule your appointments and create workout programs on-the-fly.

These are just some extra tidbits that will definitely remind you how much easier your life has been since switching over to personal training software.


 Guest post by Tyler Read


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