Personal Training Industry Overview


The personal training industry is constantly growing, especially now with the heightened awareness of the importance of consistent exercise. People who were happy in their sedentary lifestyle are, gradually, realizing that making fitness a priority can improve both their health and quality of life. Even those who took their busy and hectic lifestyle as an excuse not to exercise are no shifting their respective and using physical activity a way to manage the stress that comes with their lifestyle.

Why Do People Use Personal Trainers?

There are various reasons why people use the help of personal trainers, which is why this industry has witnessed a steady growth over the past five years, according to the report released by IBIS World. This growth is fueled by a rising demand for weight loss services and an emerging interest in customized workout regimes.

The “one size fits all” rule doesn’t apply to fitness, and more and more people are getting to grips with this fact everyday. Personal trainers customize workout routines according to each client’s individual goals, weight, BMI, preferences, current fitness levels, and other factors. Everybody is uniquely different, and that’s why everybody needs a different approach to fitness.

Personal Training

The Rise Of Online Personal Training

Consumers who are unable to enlist the help of a personal trainer, but still fee the need to get some help in their fitness journey have a somewhat new option: online personal training. Online personal trainers prove to be convenient for individuals who travel a lot or have complicated schedules preventing them from meeting up with their trainer regularly. This way, that client gets to exercise and follow a customized program without missing out on any sessions. Online personal training tends to be relatively cheaper, so is often a more popular option for people with a limited budget.

Industry Growth

According to the report IBIS World Report, there was a 3.2% annual growth in the personal training industry in the period between 2011 and 2016. Moreover, about 573,096 businesses are associated with personal training, and these businesses employ 954,081 people. The vast majority of personal trainers are located in the urban areas; about 73% of them work in cities while 28% work in the rural areas. It is estimated that the number of personal trainers could be even higher than statistically recorded with the rise of online personal training.

The Future Of Personal Training

Fitness tech is advancing rapidly. The most notable advances include the introduction of Virtual Reality, Wearable Fitness Trackers and Ingestibles. There is no doubt that technology will play a major part in the future of fitness, but we are yet to see which technologies will shape the future of personal training.

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