PT Business Growth Hacks: 7 ways to build momentum for your personal training business

Posted by Holla Koala on Feb 21, 2022 8:14:17 AM
Holla Koala

Momentum is massive in anyone’s fitness journey. When you've momentum, everything’s that little bit easier. It’s the same in growing your personal training business.

You can build momentum by having the right systems, processes and techniques in place. When you do, you’ll save time on admin, attract more clients and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

But if you’re just starting out, or you’re in a slump, where do you begin?

These are the 7 best tips for making your personal training business more efficient (and enjoyable!):

1. Get A Solid Business Plan

As a personal trainer, having a business plan is key — and it doesn't need to be complex. Include details of what you want to achieve and how you’ll achieve it. Make your goals realistic, measurable and timely.

Check-in with your business plan regularly. Ask yourself, are you on track to hit your goals? If you are, look at what’s working well and focus on doing more of that. If you’re not, figure out why and do something about it.

2. Crunch the Numbers

Your personal training business exists to earn money. That’s one of its most fundamental purposes. But if you aren’t on top of your numbers, you may not even know if you’re earning money or losing it.

Conduct a break-even analysis to understand your costs and your revenue. How much do you need to work to cover your costs? It’ll help you to see how many clients you need to bring in, or if you should adjust your rate.

3. Get Clear on Your Service

Your service is your bread and butter. The things you’re best at. It could be Crossfit, weight loss, yoga, or a combination of a few different specialties.

You’ll be more able to sell that service if you’re good at it. Certifications and experience will help to build your authority as an expert in your services.

4. Focus on A Niche

Your niche is similar to your service. It’s about finding something you can offer clients that no one else can. Maybe it’s a particular type of client, or a client with a particular goal. You might have more than one niche.

The more focused you are on your niche, the more you’ll resonate with that ideal client. If they can come to your website and can say, “This is exactly the kind of training I want to do”, then they’re much more likely to hire you.

5. Go Virtual

Clients are used to operating virtually now. They work remotely, attend Zoom meetings and interact with people online. Personal training is no different.

You can live stream classes, pre-record workout videos to send to clients, or start a YouTube channel.

The great thing about doing this is it creates much more earning potential that doesn’t require more of your time. You can record one video and use it again and again in personal training marketing or sell it as a workout to other clients.

6. Do Some Marketing

Marketing is how people find you. If you’re not doing any, you’re much less likely to attract clients.

There are two prongs to marketing that you need to figure out:

  • Your messaging. What are the most effective things you can say to appeal to your niche? Think about the best messaging for your audience, that sells your services the best. Using testimonials is a good way to do this.
  • Your channels. Where are you going to market yourself? It could be on social media, with Google ads, or through your website. It should be in places where your niche audience is.

Pro tip: social media is one of the best ways to market yourself as a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer website is also highly recommended. Here are some tips on how to promote your personal training business on social media this year.

7. Use Personal Training Software

There are huge benefits to using personal training software like PTminder:

  • You can retain more clients because it’s easier for them to manage their training schedule.
  • You can make more money because it’s easier to up-sell other services.
  • Clients enjoy it more because it’s easier to communicate with you.

Because it becomes the home of all your business activities, getting up and running with your personal training software is a great place to start. Getting it now also means you don’t have to transition clients over to it later—it will have been part of their customer journey with you from the very beginning.

So what’s the next step? Find out more for yourself and try PTminder on a FREE 14-day free trial.

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