February 2020 updates

Posted by Roy on Feb 28, 2020 12:02:37 PM | 3 minute read
  • Refer a Friend - now you can invite friends to use PTminder using the 'Refer a Friend' program. For every friend who signs up from your referral (as a paid customer), you'll earn a free month off your PTminder subscription. Or if you're on the annual plan instead of monthly, you'll earn an extra 10% off your next annual renewal for each paid referral. Learn more here

  • Ability to use the same email login for account owners and additional trainers across multiple PTminder accounts – if you need access to your own PTminder account, but also someone else’s (as an additional trainer), this is now supported. You can use the same email login ID and easily ‘switch’ between the them.

  • Hide deactivated trainers from the Calendar’s trainer lists – once a trainer has been deactivated, rather than still showing up in the trainer dropdown selection lists on the Calendar with a trailing “…(deactivated)” tag, it will now hide the trainer altogether. This is to avoid unnecessary and sometimes lengthy trainer selection lists from clogging up the user interface.

  • Option for 3-weekly membership duration – when assigning membership duration you can choose from weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly, yearly and days. We’ve now added a 7th option for ‘3-weekly’.

  • Reconcile & Check-in client list optimisations - the lists of clients have been re-sorted to show in alphabetical order, this way it's easier to scroll through longer lists.

  • Cancellation policy can use minutes & days, instead of only hours - instead of only being able to set cancellation policies using 'hours', you can now also set it using minutes or days.

  • Hide the online store for 'Active Lead' status clients - if you want to prevent your new 'Lead' clients from being able to purchase items from your online store (products/packages/memberships), this can be turned on from the Client Area settings.

  • Attendance report improvements - the attendance report now shows you the client status (Active/Lead), and includes clients who have nil sessions/classes with you.

  • Mobile updates – a bunch of improvements and fixes here, including adding the new feature for shared ‘Family Accounts’.

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