September 2019 updates

Posted by Roy on Sep 30, 2019 2:14:00 PM | 3 minute read
  • Service categories - arrange your services between categories to sell on the client store. You can create different categories for your packages/memberships/products, then sort your items between them. On your store, clients will choose from your categories to find particular services to buy. This is particularly useful if you offer a large range of services.

  • Apply promo codes as a trainer - as a Trainer, when assigning Services (Packages, Memberships, Products) to your clients, you can apply pre-existing discount promo codes on the fly which recalculates the charged amount.
  • SCA-ready for Stripe - on September 14, 2019, PSD2 regulation introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements for many online payments made by European customers, to help reduce fraud. PTminder is now SCA-ready for all customer Stripe integrations.

  • Client Area homepage interface improvements - a number of design improvements have been made to the landing page of the Client Area, including simplified and nicer designs to the header menu buttons. The sign up and sign in forms have been optimised for a better user experience.

  • Simplified session booking settings - numerous improvements in configuring the behaviour for online session bookings have been made in the Settings > Client Area > Sessions area. Not only is it more intuitive when choosing between booking sessions with or without your approval, you can now enforce all session booking types to be chosen from your predefined 'Session Templates' list.

  • Improvements to the Session/Class Summary report - expanded on what is displayed when generating the session/class summary report found under Reporting > Session/Class Summary, as well as improved the format when exported to CSV. 

  • Add 'hours' option for when restricting client bookings - under Settings > Client Area > Classes, there is an option for "Restrict how far in advance clients can book themselves into by...", which can be set to days/weeks/months. We've added 'hours' to this list.

  • Improvements to Available/Unavailable time on Calendar - among a few minor optimisations, we've also added appropriate warnings when it comes to setting availability which overlaps other time windows, to avoid any conflicts.

  • Mobile App updates:
    - Custom fields for client profiles
    - Set 'booking in advance' restrictions for session bookings
    - Display service categories for Packages/Memberships/Products lists
    - Allow trainer to edit membership/package name when assigning to client
    - Numerous improvements to the handling of payment providers

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