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Posted by Callum Cook on Apr 4, 2019 9:44:36 AM

true success

Tom Storr’s True Success PT business launched in 2016, with his own private gym in York, England. Before investing in the gym, Tom worked with hundreds of clients of all ages, specialising in nutrition, metabolic conditioning, studio cycling, exercises for senior citizens, coaching disabled children, emotional intelligence training and boxing.  

Self-confidence and a strong mindset

Tom’s clients, who range in age, gender and ability, appreciate his depth of knowledge particularly. “I couldn’t recommend Tom highly enough,” says one public review. “He has been a huge help with my training and nutrition, and his knowledge is second to none.”

Time to streamline and organise

Tom’s PT business had been growing steadily, to the point that he invested in his own private gym called True Success in 2016. With the advent of even more clients and a range of services on offer, Tom decided it was time to invest in PT business management software, enabling him to run his gym more efficiently.

“I needed to organise myself and my clients,” Tom recalls. “I was looking for something that could schedule and book appointments as well as offer different packages and memberships.”

Tom started where most business owners do – with Google. “I looked at a number of different options, and I made use of all their free trials,” he said. “Out of all of them, PTminder was the most reasonably priced, and the easiest to use.”


Greater control, less stress

Since Tom has put the PTminder solution to use for True Success, he’s noticed an increase in efficiency as well as greater control. “I can keep control of clients in all aspects of the business,” he explains. “It takes away the stress of organising various parts of the business on different platforms. It's all in one place so it makes life a lot easier.”

Compared to the other options Tom trialled, he has found the PTminder solution to be well put together and easy to use. “It enables me to schedule clients as well as helping me to run my business more efficiently,” he says. “And it’s very reasonably priced.”

When asked if Tom has any advice for business owners like himself, who are looking to increase organisation and efficiency, he says that harnessing technology like business management software is essential. “The PTminder software is a very comprehensive package, and very cost-effective,” he says. “Plus, the customer service is excellent – there’s an online chatbot with immediate responses if you ever need any help, which I have found very helpful and useful.”


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