Globe Athletic creates a unique fitness experience with PTminder

Posted by Callum Cook on Aug 29, 2019 3:30:37 PM

Globe athletic reception


After years of owning large gyms, in October 2018 David Altamura launched Globe Athletic - his first fitness studio. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Globe Athletic is a functional fitness Yoga and Pilates combined studio that focusses on body alignment and spiritual awareness. David has extensive experience in the fitness industry, with 30+ years of coaching and a passion for functional HIIT Training.

In the eight short months since launching, Globe Athletic has rapidly grown to a client base of 300 members. The relaxing and challenging experience resonates well with their members. In addition, Globe Athletic holds popular activities which include regular ‘cheeky’ Friday events, Members Challenge Awards nights and a monthly healthy breakfast to show their appreciation for members.

David creates a unique experience at Globe Athletic, proving that this is more than just another fitness studio.

Globe Athletic Reception
Globee Athletic Yoga room
Globe Athletic crossfit room

Personal training software offers efficiency and visibility 

Running the regular day-to-day activities of a fitness studio and creating an environment with lively experiences like Globe Athletic takes time, which most people working in the fitness industry don’t have a lot of. David attributes the success of Globe Athletic to the ability to easily manage the studio with PTminder’s assistance.

When asked about the features David likes the most, he explains, “Primarily for a couple of reasons – firstly, having an app booking system, and secondly, being able to create a schedule.” David goes on to say, “Since we’re a class only facility, being able to create class schedules from the software is really helpful.”

David also points out that personal training software has become quite common in Australia, but he was drawn specifically to PTminder because it is easy to use and cost effective compared to other fitness business solutions. “People can book in on their phone or their laptops so it’s an easy one to use,” he adds. With the flexibility to enrol on either a mobile device or laptop, Globe Athletic’s members can easily access schedules and book anywhere and at anytime.

People on yoga mats doing yoga pose

“Probably one of our favourite features though is that our coaches can look at the notes relating to a particular client to see if there are any specific requirements or conditions,” he says. Being able to locate information all in one place and on a range of devices has increased efficiency and visibility across the Globe Athletic team.

In terms of attendance, PTminder also provides David with a breakdown of information to see what classes are performing well or not. This gives him insight into what classes members enjoy and what times work best. He can then schedule classes during optimal times, to boost the attendance rate.

Group of people doing circuit training

The power of PTminder

The PTminder solution has proven to be a powerful tool to help Globe Athletic offer an exciting and unique fitness experience. By bringing client details into one place, David and his staff can provide a consistent and personalised experience, that will help fortify client loyalty. Globe Athletic is swiftly turning into a top fitness studio in Melbourne with the assistance of PTminder.


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Check out Globe Athletic online:

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