Growing a successful business with Group Fitness Classes

Posted by Callum Cook on Feb 24, 2020 3:52:28 PM

When people think of a Personal Trainer, the first thing that comes to mind is just that: personal. As in, one-on-one. And for many people investing in their health and fitness, the method works for them and they prefer to work with the undivided attention of their trainer.

But there's another option to working out - while still under the eagle eye of a Personal Trainer - Group Fitness Classes (GFC). They’ve always been around but have been growing in popularity recently. It's fairly self-explanatory - your clients work out in groups - and there are several very good reasons why it's worth considering as a new approach you might like to include in the services you offer.


Why should you consider Group Training?

Just like running alongside your client, motivating them through a difficult solo workout or puffing through a one-on-one boot camp, a Group Fitness Class works the same way but is done in a group setting. From CrossFit to Spin to Pump, many people really enjoy the loud music, inspirational words, and mutual sweating that goes with working out in a group.

To attract clients to a GFC, you need to understand how to keep a close eye on everyone in the group, so that you can still provide a personal touch while conducting the class. If you can demonstrate to each person in the class that you're aware of their individual needs and can spot any difficulties or challenges they're facing, then they'll still feel like they're getting the benefits of a one-on-one session, while experiencing the enjoyment of working out with a group.

fit my day 6

An outdoor Group Fitness Class at FitMyDay

How will your clients benefit from a Group Fitness Class?

Increased motivation and accountability
Sometimes it's not easy to get up and out of bed, especially if mornings are the only time a person can find in their busy schedule to work out. Exercising in a group motivates people to attend, not just because they enjoy the company, but because they won't want their new friends in the class thinking they're getting lazy. Exercising alongside others generates friendly competition and boosts encouragement to give it their all.

A well-balanced yet challenging routine
It’s easy for clients to settle into their same old routines and get bored. This will then reflect in their results. Working out with a group ensures that they switch things up. Offering clients variety in their workout will keep them motivated and challenged. GFCs offer both a foundation and springboard for achieving goals.

They’ll have more fun
Not only are your clients getting a great workout, they're also meeting new people and forging new friendships. GFCs are particularly effective for those who tend to retreat into their shell and are shy. Sweating together in a group forms bonds that lead to lifelong friendships.

They’ll find encouragement and support within their group
It's not just you, the Personal Trainer who's providing support during a workout, everyone in the class will help each other out, motivate and encourage, and push each other to do better. It's a great way to achieve results faster by promoting social bonding.

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Small Group Fitness Class at Fitness for Wellness

How will offering a Group Fitness Class help grow your business?

What many Personal Trainers are discovering is that Group Fitness Classes are not only a viable business opportunity, but consistent income as well. The reason is simple: in group training everybody wins!

  • Increase revenue while making classes more affordable for your clients- training multiple people at one time means a boost in your income, while still keeping the classes cost-effective for your clients

  • Time savings - you can maximise time efficiency, because you're training more than one client in the same session. A well-scheduled class can help you leverage your time better so that you’re not overwhelmed with the demand and suffer from burnout.

  • Diverse training options - you can experiment with different exercise formats, such as partner exercises, circuits, kickboxing, cardio etc. Having a wide offering of classes is a great way to keep the energy up and increase client retention.

  • Marketing opportunities – Group Fitness Classes are a great way to market your skills to many people at once. It can also be a great way to maximise client referrals.

  • Career growth - leading a Group Fitness Class is great practise for gaining confidence speaking to a crowd. This is essential if your career path includes becoming a presenter, thought leader or coach.

Globe athletic yoga classYoga Class at Globe Athletic 

How to prepare for your Group Fitness Class

Preparation - that's the key. Being prepared to deliver a class as just as important as actually delivering it. If you're not prepared, your clients will notice immediately, and you could damage your reputation. Make sure you have all these elements in place before you kick off your first session

  • Music - if your class is set to music, make sure you have it ready to go and that the playlist is in order. Check your equipment - whatever you happen to be using, include a backup.

  • Choreography - practise, then practise some more. Keep an eye on regressions as well as progressions; even in a class that has been established for years with the same members, today may be the day someone new joins. Your regulars may need a regression due to a recent injury or surgery.  Without the practise you can’t make those key changes and alterations.

  • Make a good first impression - in other words, be well presented and keep your energy levels high.

  • Time-keeping - always get to the location first, so you can be there to welcome everyone in your class with a smile on your face.

  • Delivery - this is where you bring it all together. Watch everyone's technique and use corrections and demonstrations when necessary. Interact with each person individually, and acknowledge when they're doing well.

Keep your skills honed - whatever you happen to be teaching, you're the expert at it. Make sure you keep your skills fresh and your own fitness levels high. Remember that you're the benchmark your clients are aiming for.

How can PTminder help?

Our solution isn't just about keeping the trains running on time, it's got features that can facilitate Group Fitness Classes, such as:

  • Online class bookings - clients can book themselves into your class, and they can see what's coming up during the week and if there are any available spots

  • Managing your calendar - you can schedule sessions or classes into the PTminder Calendar

  • 'Check in' clients to classes - this feature helps you to keep track of which clients attended your class or session as they arrive

  • Class templates - these save you time when booking classes through your calendar. Once they're set up, you can easily pull them up during the scheduling process and it'll automatically populate all the information into the booking form.

Session Booking on the PTminder app

If you've been thinking of ways to grow your Personal Training business, and you want to expand your own repertoire of training skills, offering a group fitness class is a great way to achieve this. There are manifold benefits for both your business and your clients, and you'll see this reflected in your business growth.


If you'd like to see how the PTminder solution can help grow your PT business with Group Fitness Classes, try it for free today.

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