No Hiding from Success for Texas Gym with the Help of PTminder Personal Training Software

Posted by Callum Cook on Jul 31, 2019 11:42:43 AM


For over a decade, Greg McCoy has owned three gyms around Texas and personally trained over 1,000 clients. Greg launched his first gym in 2009 in a 5,000 square foot gym. Equipped with the basics and no air conditioning, Greg describes his first gym as “brutal” in the Texas heat. Though Greg’s passion for fitness and working with clients hands on enabled him to build a loyal fitness community and continue to develop additional successful gyms.

In March of 2019, Greg and his wife purchased a large facility and are currently in the process of building and growing it. His new gym called [Hidden Gym] is anything but “hidden” at 17,000 square feet this impressive facility is a one stop shop for all kinds of athletes, including powerlifting, boxing, bodybuilding, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more. It’s a gym offer that resonates with customers, such as this online review ‘’… such an amazing facility for ALL types of athletes. Your thoughtfulness and plan of action beyond being “just a gym” is truly inspiring. I’m so proud to be apart of this gym family.’’

Today, Greg splits his time between growing the gym and helping clients improve their lives through fitness. But balancing his two passions wasn’t always possible.

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Finding balance

In 2012, Greg’s gym at the time was experiencing massive growth and Greg decided it was best to take a break from personal training so that he could focus on growing the gym. After a four-year break, Greg discovered that with the help of personal training software, balancing the operation and the growth of his fitness business was possible.

After researching and trialing ten software options for personal trainers, Greg determined that PTminder was the best personal training software for his business. Greg explains, “PTminder was by far my favorite for scheduling, sending receipts, tracking packages and allowing clients to book directly into my schedule.”


With PTminder Greg is more organized and confident that client records are accurate and up to date. He admits, “I’m not a naturally organized person, so I rely heavily on automated reminders to make sure my clients and I know when their packages run out and it's time to renew."

He added, “It honestly just takes the part of my business I’m not good at and makes it easy. As long as I’m entering payments and reconciling sessions each day, I know my records are in order.” 

Beyond organization improvements, PTminder has taken [Hidden Gym]’s client experience to the next level with advanced client management features. “It also gives a very professional appearance to clients, which helps me build value in the eyes of my clients.”


PTminder - a "no brainer"

Greg also offered a piece of advice for others considering PT software solutions: “Being a top-level personal trainer takes more than getting results. Your business has to be professional at all contact points. PTminder is a no brainer to not only help your business run smoother but give off a very professional appeal to leads and clients.”


Want to get your personal training business under control?  Check out our pricing plans here.


Check out Greg McCoy and [Hidden Gym] online:

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