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Posted by Callum Cook on Feb 28, 2019 10:18:35 AM

Dave Glaser - mentor

Fit Life Champions was launched in 2013. Based in Denver, Colorado, the business specializes in fitness and nutrition programmes, aimed at helping clients overcome back pain, trauma and injury. With a 5 STAR rating from those clients, it’s not surprising that the business has expanded and grown.

The PT Business – Fit Life Champions, Denver.

The business is owned and run by Dave Glaser, who expanded his personal training career into the nutrition and fitness business it is today. Dave has a passion for leading other trainers and health educators. 


Fit Life Champions logo


The challenge – smooth payment process

When Dave decided the time was right to focus on the growth of the business, with its increased client base, cash flow was a top priority.

“In the beginning, when you have fewer clients, it's easy to take cash, check, or an online payment,” he says. “But when you want to start scaling your business, that's about integrating your scheduling system into your payment system.”

This is when accepting client payments can become a headache, says Dave, and PT businesses need to consider a solution like PTminder.


The solution – PTminder’s integrate payment processing

The PTminder payment processing solution means you can take control of your income. You choose when and how you get paid, and you don’t need to spend time chasing late payments.

“It's so easy to set up, it's great for my clients, and it's easy for me to teach my team,” he says. “Most importantly, it was so easy to integrate with my business account.”

As most small business owners will know, cash flow is a crucial element of business success. It’s important to have more money coming than going out, and the PTminder solution ensures that Dave’s business account is credited with client payments quickly and efficiently.

“I need to get that money into my account as quickly as possible, because as a business owner, I have bills to pay and my own salary to take care of,” Dave explains. “Cash flow is really important, and integrating my payment system into my schedule system has been a great solution for scaling the business.”


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