PTminder Gives Gym Owner Latitude More Time to Spend with Clients and Less Time on Admin Tasks

Posted by Callum Cook on May 29, 2019 11:39:04 AM

PTminder Gives Gym Owner Latitude to Spend More Time with Clients and Less Time on Admin Tasks

UK based gym, Latitude Fitness, has experienced only growth since launching in 2010. Initially Owner, Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Paul Wilkinson was operating alone from a 600 sq foot unit, offering primarily 1:1 personal training. Latitude Fitness quickly built a loyal roster of clients, which required more services, additional staff and a larger facility. But with growth came challenges.

The juggle is real - manually managing staff, clients and training options

Paul describes trying to manage staff, clients and training options on a manual system as “virtually impossible”. Trying to juggle various aspects of owning and running a gym was becoming overwhelming.

So he turned to Google to find a business management solution. Paul came across many different business management systems for gyms and personal trainers, all of which were overly complicated. As a small facility, what Latitude Fitness really needed was an easy to use tool that had the power to streamline managing staff, clients and training options on any device.

More client time, less admin time

Paul discovered PTminder as the best solution to Latitude Fitness’ needs. The ability to remind clients of appointments via text or email significantly improved communication with staff and clients. Providing clients with the option of paying online greatly reduced workload and improved the client experience significantly.

The online booking system also means Latitude Fitness is available for bookings 24/7. By offering online booking, existing and new clients can book classes whenever they want and without requiring staff to manage.

PTminder has helped take a lot of the workload off Paul and his staff in return allowing the team at Latitude Fitness to spend more time with clients and less time on admin tasks. PTminder, as Paul simply puts it, “makes life easier.”

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Be available to clients where they spend most of their time

When asked what advice Paul would give to gym owners and personal trainers currently searching for a business management system, he emphasized the importance of being available to clients where they spend most of their time - on their phones. “People spend hours on their phones these days, so to not offer the option of booking and paying online could be holding you back.”

With PTminder’s client management features, gym owners and personal trainers can save money by cutting down on lapses or cancellations. He added, “Don’t look upon it as an expense - more of an investment.”


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