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When Andy Ciaravella left the Army in 2013, the name of his former battalion, Stabilis, was still on his mind. In Latin, ‘stabilis’ translates to ‘steadfast’, which perfectly describes his business approach. As someone who had always stressed the importance of physical fitness and healthy living, it seemed logical to parlay that lifestyle into a career.

Stabilis Fitness was launched in 2013. “I studied hard to learn how to break the current fad diets and crazy workout regimes,” Andy recalls. “My aim is to help clients lose weight without giving up their favourite foods.” In the beginning, Stabilis had a few clients who were put through a boot camp. The business has since grown to boot camps for over 100 clients, one-on-one coaching, and worldwide online coaching.

“Everything I’ve learned I’ve put into an interactive software app that helps my clients to learn and complete their training programmes,” he says. “They have videos and written instructions, as well as access to thousands of recipes I’ve developed.”

Boot camp

The challenge: a software solution to keep the trains running on time

As Stabilis Fitness continued to grow and attract more clients, Andy realised he needed a solution that would help to streamline his business processes, so that he could focus on what was important – the needs of his clients. A Google search led him to PTminder.

“I ensure that each programme and session is tailored to the individual and their own achievable goals,” he explains. “So what I needed was something that would help me to maximise the amount of time I spend with clients, developing their programmes, something that would run the bookings, reminders, memberships and payments.”

The solution: software that streamlines business processes

The PTminder solution is designed specifically to help personal trainers save time, so they can focus on what they do best – training their clients. The features help PT businesses to grow:

  • Client management – track everything for clients, including bookings, payments, and their individual progress

  • Online bookings – using their smartphone, clients can view their PT’s schedule and make their own bookings

  • Payments – PTs can take control of their income by choosing when and how they get paid, without having to chase up late payers

Since implementing the PTminder solution, Andy has seen a big improvement in his day-to-day business processes. “It’s allowed me to book all appointments with ease and it alerts the client of appointments beforehand, so there are no missed sessions,” he says.

The result: so easy, so effectiveAndy

“I see other Personal Trainers still taking cash on the floor for hourly sessions,” says Andy. “My clients join with a membership, and it’s all done through PTminder. They join, they pick a membership, input their payment details and then they’re on board. It’s so easy and yet so effective. It’s without a doubt the best business management software I have come across.” 


Check out Stabilis Fitness and Andy online:

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Like to learn more about how the PTminder solution can help organise and grow your PT business? Sign up here, or have a look at these articles to find out more.


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