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Posted by Callum Cook on Apr 15, 2019 1:17:00 PM

train with tremz

Charles Tremblay boasts numerous certifications from the National Sports Performance Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. A specialist in weight loss and weight management, with over 10 years’ experience, Charles launched his PT business, TRAIN with TREMZ in 2018. Based in New York City, the business’s premise is based on building yourself into a better person, both physically and mentally.


Negotiating life’s speed bumps

“Charles holds me accountable and makes me push myself,” one of his clients says. “He’s highly motivating and patient, and explains what my workouts are zoned to do.”


Software for the clients

Although Charles’s business is relatively new, he recognised early on the need for organisation, easy billing, scheduling and invoicing. Business management software that his clients could also use to ‘self-serve’ was key. “My clients were looking for a platform they could use to book classes and sessions, while being able to make their payments as well,” Charles recalls. “It makes interacting with them more efficient.”


A truly personal PT app

Charles began researching business management software options. He started by examining a solution that his industry colleagues preferred, but for his business it wasn’t cost-effective. It was then that a colleague suggested PTminder, which they thought would be better suited for his needs.

“So I sort of stumbled upon it,” Charles recalls. “It was within my budget and after a couple of months of using it, I was hooked.”

The PTminder software solution has made billing and tracking payments much easier and more streamlined for Charles’ business. Plus, it’s taken the hassle out of scheduling. “The business calendar works really well for availability,” he says. “It’s made things much better for not just me, but my clients as well.”

For Charles and his business, the fact that the PTminder app is one his clients can use is an essential feature. “My clients absolutely love it,” he explains. “They love the fact that it’s a personal app, and they can take their personal trainer – me – with them wherever they go.”

Charles and his clients find the PTminder solution very user friendly, with solid support. “Every time I’ve had an issue, the PTminder support team have been able to guide me through it very quickly,” he says. “They’re always available to lend a hand.”

Charles’s advice to other PT business owners is to take their time with the PTminder solution. “Give it try.  Not just a week or two.  Give it at least a month and utilize all of the options that come with it,” he says. “It really has been a great tool not just for me but my clients too.”


How do you plan for running a profitable PT business? We’ve produced a comprehensive guide to help. Download it here.


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